Rhythm Of Belongingness

A Film by Mustafa Karadağ

Performers: Burcu Uçatenik, Natacha Hüfken, Mohamed Ben Salah, Mustafa Karadağ

Music: “Contact” by Pepo Galán & Sita Ostheimer

Assistant Director: Buyan Yağmur Memişoğullari

Text: Natacha Hüfken

Translation: Dominique Collignon

Voice: Lou Bernard


...But, like any great piece of music, the rhythm of belonging also knows moments of silence, where the spaces between the beats are as meaningful as the beats themselves. It's in those moments of solitude and reflection that we discover our inner cadence, reaffirming our connection to the world around us.

In the end, the rhythm of belonging is the soundtrack of our lives, the heartbeat of our shared journey. It reminds us that, despite our differences, we are all participants in this grand ensemble, each of us contributing our unique notes to create a melody that is as beautiful as it is profound.

Supported by Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

Special thanks to: Michael Maurissens, Julio Cesar Iglesias Ungo, Sita Ostheimer, Pepo Galán, Dominique Collignon


Official Selections: La Nuit du Court Métrage, Avon (Fr), 18. International Short Film Festival Detmold (De), 19. Kurzsuechtig Kurzfilmfestivals Leipzig (De), Pool International Dance Film Festival Berlin (De), Cultur'halle Film Festival 22 Genève (Ch), 29. International Short Film Week Regensburg (De)

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